Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ice Cream Cone Sundae cupcakes

Last year I had a vision for Ice cream sundae cupcakes. My vision however was neopolitan marbled cupcake, with lucious tall swirls of vanilla frosting. When I thought about it some more, I started to try and figure out what I would need to make the cupcakes really look like an ice cream sundae. Next thing I knew, I stopped thinking about them, and just made them. I used mini cupcakes, with swirls of white creamy vanilla frosting. Then drizzled chocolate over the top, finished with a last dollop of pink frosting and lots and lots of sprinkles. I then garnished it with a chocolate and vanilla wafer straw, and oh boy were they cute.

My original - and still favorite, ice cream sundae cupcakes.
Then a friend asked me if I could make the same cupcakes for her daughters birthday. I was excited that I was actually going to be able to make them again, and jumped at the chance. However, there were a few alterations - her daughter asked for them to be in ice cream cones so that she could trick her friends. Also she wanted them finished with a stemed cherry on top and lots of sprinkles.

So to begin with I found all of the ingredients I would need to make them with, and then began to try and figure out the best way to bake them. I did one test run, and wrapped the cones in aluminium foil to prevent the cone from burning in the oven. I had my husband cutting holes out of an aluminium disposable baking tray - and then realised, the mini cupcake trays were actually the perfect size. My final hurdles were transporting them, however I figured that out, and I think they turned out a little bit of a success!! One thing I did realise though, as I just looked at my extras I baked for pictures and cutting, is that the cone became soggy at the top where the frosting was piped. So just as a FYI - if you choose to do these yourself, do them as fresh as possible, bake them the same day. I didnt figure this out myself until too late.

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