Monday, April 23, 2012

Aloha Rainbow Cupcake

On a regular occasion I do a bit of a web trawl for new cupcake ideas. I find inspiration from many different sources, but the best one is pinterest. I use pinterest to "advertise" my blog, and in turn I find other peoples blogs and wonderful ideas to adapt on. Whilst doing my nightly pinterest trawl I found the Rainbow cake.

Now I've seen, in fact we've all seen, the rainbow cake so often before. The common way is in layers - about a foot tall cake with just massive layers of different wonderful colours stacked upon each other with a butter cream frosting to seperate them. Well this day, I found a rainbow cake, which had about 6 different colours poured into one cake pan! It looked like a hippie had taken over the kitchen and incorporated tye-dye into the food! It was awesome, but how do I adapt from this?

Well, what I did was made my normal vanilla cupcake batter and portioned 5 cups of the batter across 5 bowls. Then I chose my colours, and went a bit crazy trying to get the colours as vibrant and bright as possible. After baking, the colours came out amazing - I was really surprised with the vibrancy! When it came to frosting them however, my question to my husband was "Do I go with a plain white frosting, or do another colour - like purple?" He of course told me to go with purple, that there just was not enough colour in the cupcakes.... So again I asked him, "Should I leave the frosting vanilla flavoured or should I do something crazy - like Tutti-Frutti?" Of course, he went with the latter option.

So this is the result of yet another experiment. I think the cakes would be nicer with a vanilla frosting, but wanted to try something crazy and different. Why not?


  1. These are by far the prettiest rainbow cupcakes I have seen!! I have made the rainbow layer cake before, and would love to give these a go, especially with such lovely vibrant purple frosting!!

    1. Oh these were so much fun Alex, even my husband had a ball helping me out! He ended up with pink and aqua everywhere from opening up my food colouring for me! I used Wilton Gel colourings as they have by far the most vibrancy. :)