Monday, March 12, 2012

Coconut Ice Cupcakes

After moving to Hawaii almost 3 months ago, I came to the realisation that ingredients are so different over here! Not just the names, but the products as well. My biggest concern to date was trying to find dessicated coconut. It seemed almost impossible and I was coming up with ways which I could turn shredded coconut into dessicated coconut. Yes thats how desperate I was beginning to get. I couldnt imagine 3 years without lamingtons, rum balls coated in coconut, and my favourite moist coconut cake. After having morning tea with a few ladies the other day at the Vegetarian shop, I thought I may as well do a quick shop and see what interesting things I could pick up. To my surprise, I picked up bags upon bags of "macaroon coconut", which is basically the same as the dessicated coconut I've come to love. Now, it is just a little finer then what I'm used to, but heck, it tastes just as good and works a treat!

So after buying bags upon bags, I then had the task of working out exactly what I would make with my coconut. Finally, I had this hankering for my mothers coconut ice cake. However, I didnt have her recipe, and I really wanted to make them cupcakes. So I had a little bit of fun and created my own recipe, which I am just so thrilled worked out to taste amazing. When it came to the frosting however, I knew it HAD to be the same as the one my mum used on her cake. So after begging her for the recipe, she finally gave it up and I got the most perfect coconut cupcake to boot. Check them out for yourself, they really look awesome, and taste like my childhood! Lets just say, after finishing them off and decorating them a little, I ate two.. in a row.

The batter ready to go into baking papers

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